Red White and Booze

Going through my Facebook, and reading all of the new, ridiculous, alcohol/party related posts of the roommate I still have yet to meet.  Nothing brings on the thought of “I can’t wait to live with you” like realizing your future housemate is a 19 year old frat star living in a 25 year old’s body.  Oh the sarcasm I could continue to use here, but  I’ll wait to judge further until I actually meet him … next week.

Tonight will consist of cheap beer, cheap wine, and a hell of a lot of illegal fireworks.  That’s pretty much how the 4th of July goes down in the country.  I’m going to attempt to try to find the right balance between how much alcohol I can drink and still be able to run the Independence Day 5K tomorrow morning while understanding this is a failure from the beginning.

Tonight is also one of my friend’s birthdays so all the more reasons to celebrate.  In a spurt of creative ambition, I decided to bake her a cake.  Being the “go big or go home” person I am not but am trying hard to be now that I graduated and have to be a real person, decided to make a REAL cake – you know, like the ones that you see them make on the baking shows … with fondant and flowers and edible paint?  So yes, spent a ton of money at Michael’s on supplies and created this tie-dye flowered cake.  In case you ever care to follow my footsteps in a similar endeavor, these are the great recipes I found:

For the cake

For the fondant

As for the colors – I used the edible color powder mixed with a little lemon juice to create a watercolor type paint.




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