“I think your 20s are the hardest part of life. I mean, everyone goes on about how hard it is to be a teenager, but actually I think it’s tougher to be in your 20s because you’re expected to be a grownup and expected to earn your own living and be successful and I think you feel like a kid still.” Nigel Cole

Okay so finding an apartment is not easy.  There is a certain order of things that takes place looking for a place to live.  Basically, here is what happens:

1.) You finally find a cute apartment.  The photos look great, and the rent really isn’t all that bad.

2.) As you continue reading, the realization hits you that the rent does not include heating, water, electricity, pest control, or parking.  There also will be a fee for every time you open the front door, and a monthly rate for how much you breathe while inside the apartment.

3.) Somehow (magically) the cost from the items above doesn’t break you, and you still think you can afford the apartment.  What was that?  There have been 16 robberies on that block in the past month?  What…someone died there?  Last week, you say?

4.) You finally manage to salvage one promising apartment from your endless searching, and make the call to the real estate agent in charge of the property.  With no surprises, you discover that there are currently 10 applications for the place currently pending.  Great.  I’m sure the three 20-somethings with a combined income of less than 4K a month will win this battle.

5.) You realize that endless apartment hunting has not only once again proved unsuccessful, but has also turned you into a bitter and jaded person.




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